Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Worked Like a Charm- How I Told my BFF I Got Engaged

A very long time ago, my best friend and I became obsessed with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. We both felt we really related to the characters in the movie. She was the Puerto Rican embodiment of Carmen and I felt connected to both Lena (boy crazy) and Tibby (the budding filmmaker). There was only one problem, no such magical pair of jeans existed that we could pass between the two of us as we headed off to college that fall.

Our next best option- a charm bracelet.

The first couple of years in college, we did a really great job of passing it back and forth. Adding a charm each time we sent it in the mail to the other. Our intent was to continue documenting milestones in our lives on it, ones we shared together or apart. I must confess though, I ended up holding it hostage for an insanely long time.

The day after Nathanael and I got engaged, I thought about the charm bracelet. Instead of the standard text, phone call or letting her see a social post about the upcoming nuptials, I knew I HAD to send her the bracelet with an engagement ring charm.

I scoured the internet for one with a specific look and had it added on by a jeweler. Off it went in the mail with a small leather bound notebook detailing the occasion. I anxiously awaited for her to freak out and call me.... I waited longer than I expected. She was sick and it had been sitting on her doorstep for what seemed like days, months, years. Thankfully she opened it and Facetimed me immediately, where I excitedly yelled I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!

At this point, I am sure she will hold the bracelet hostage in retaliation for it's long absence, but I am excited for the day when I get it back with another ring added to it.

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