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Hi, welcome, I'm Sommerly.

My name is always in season and so is my addiction to ice tea. Seriously, even if it was snowing out, that's what I would drink. Thankfully though I live in Los Angeles, so it's sunny 300+ days of the year.

I work in that glitz and glam industry of Hollywood, which is NOT that glitzy and glam in reality. However, I love telling stories and helping bring them to life to share with everyone. We need more positive storytelling that can change someone's heart, mindset or help them through a difficult time or hurdle. It's what I love most about this medium, it has the power to change the world and Hollywood is the global platform for just that.

I have an endless list of other things I am passionate about: my faith, my husband, my family, my (so far triumphant) battle with PCOS, glowing skin, my country, the Miss America program and changing the status quo on the millennial mindset. No, I don't need a trophy, but yes I'd like to be appreciated and supported.

This blog is a combination of everything I love, everything I feel needs a voice and everything authentically me.. Hence the "So Sommerly."

Let's be friends, let's do coffee, let's start a podcast, lady boss business or simply let's pray for one another. The world is our pot of tea and darn right we should drink it up.

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